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Military Facilities Planning                         


Strategic Planning Group, Inc. (SPG) is an economics and planning firm with extensive Department of Defense (DoD) experience. SPG has just completed a four year plus one year extension with the Air Force Services Agency in preparing Needs Assessment Studies (NAS) and Project Validation Assessment Studies (PVA). Other direct Air Force experience was a five (5) year open end privatization and housing contract with the Strategic Air Command. SPG also has significant other DoD experience including assisted the Department of Navy in its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the construction of the Gulf Coast Home Porting Action which included five new bases and the expansion of three others including Whiting Field. This EIS was the largest ever conducted by the Navy (eight sites) and was completed less than one year from notice-to-proceed. In addition, SPG conducted the Navy's first ever Long-Range Regional Plan for northeast Florida/southeast Georgia; an area containing four major naval facilities.

SPG staff has conducted 16 major Base Operating Manpower studies for the Departments of the Navy and the Army and was responsible for the Environmental Impact Statement and Planning for SUBASE Kings Bay, the largest military peacetime activity ever constructed. Over the years, the SPG staff has developed a strong working relationship with the Presidentís Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) providing planning for Base Expansions and BRAC activities including Air Force Base Plant 42 (Palmdale, CA).

We have just completed a major military housing study effort for 17 Florida military installations including: Patrick
AFB, Cape Canaveral AFS, MacDill AFB, Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field, Tyndal AFB, Homestead Air Reserve Base, and NAS Whiting Field.

SPG is unique in that it combines both planning and implementation expertise, as witnessed by our successful programs for the DoD as well as other governmental jurisdictions throughout the United States. It is because of this implementation experience that the Air Force originally hired SPG on an open-ended contract to conduct privatization studies. SPG has been successful in merging three diverse areas of expertise (namely long-range strategic planning, economic development, and development economics) into one unified approach for both short- and long-range implementation programming. 




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