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Market Affordable & Workforce Housing

SPG serves the housing industry throughout the United States and provides professionals in the housing industry with the critical information required to make informative development and financial decisions.

The identification of the market characteristics of supply and demand and potential consumers and achievable levels of absorption set the stage, for SPG can offer continuing assistance through the coordination and implementation of a total development and marketing strategy; from initial concept to final sell-out.

SPG can identify potential problem areas in existing developments and offer realistic and successful solutions. Our detailed analysis of the marketplace, combined with years of development and consulting experience will help developers, investors, and financial concerns to better position products and capture selected target market segments, resulting in optimal efficiency, improved overall sales performance and increased profitability.


Residential Services

Market Feasibility Analysis
Absorption Potentials
Competitive Product Surveys
Consumer Profiles
Demand/Supply Projections
Demographic Analysis
Site Potentials
Management Support
Advertising Coordination
Development Strategies
Product Refinement
Public Relations Coordination
Real Estate Work-outs
Site Selection
Product Positioning
Crime Prevention Design
Lot Sizing/Configuration
Product Characteristics
Product Types
Product/Project Amenities
Sizing, Pricing, Mix
Financial Feasibility
Cash Flow Analysis
Internal Rate of Return
Pro Forma Financial Statements
Marketing and Sales Strategy
Development Phasing
Product Merchandising
Workforce Housing
Affordability GAP Assessment

Workforce Housing Needs


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