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Real Estate & Market Research - Feasibility Analysis

  This particular area of expertise separates SPG from most other consulting groups in the country.  SPG’s founding area of expertise, and still a major portion of its work product, is economic analysis for both the public and private sectors.  Development Economics and market feasibility are the driving forces for all our studies.  We are national leaders in Development Economics and serve as site location experts to the  industry.  SPG has prepared market feasibility studies for over 45 million square feet of retail space, 75 million square feet of commercial/industrial, and over $2 billion square feet of retail space and 445 million square feet of office/commercial space.  Over the last fifteen years alone, our staff has completed feasibility studies for over 100 million square feet of commercial/retail/industrial space, 75,000 residential units, 45,000 hotel rooms, and five billion dollars worth of resorts internationally.